Chairman, SP Committee on Tourism, Hon. Patrick S. Lacson Files Resolution to Protect Foreign Tourists in Negros Occidental

Hon. Patrick S. Lacson

Hon. Patrick S. Lacson

Today, we rank second to Boracay (Aklan) as far as the number of foreign visitors are concerned.

Last year, there were 564,167 registered visitors in Negros (an increase of 6.58%) based on DOT records (region 6).

Last year, the province was awarded by DOT and ATONO as “The Best Tourism Oriented Province in the Country.

Anticipating an increase of foreign visitors in the next few years, Hon. Patrick Leonard S. Lacson authored a resolution requesting the Provincial Governor to create a 24-hour “Tourist Hotline Assistance and Information Center” in the province of Negros Occidental. The resolution was unanimously approved by Hon Lacson’s colleagues.

Negros Bacolod Toursim Resolution Patrick Lacson“I’m so grateful and happy my colleagues unanimously approved this. I see the need for such a center, for we must recognize our role and responsibility and accountability in improving governance in the area of safety, security and convenience for our visiting tourists. This is my first step in helping the executive’s effort in developing a competent, motivated and productive tourism workforce,” stated Lacson.


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